Masterclass on Managing Third-Party Cybersecurity Risks

Masterclass on Third party Cybersecurity


Third-party cybersecurity is a critical element of business continuity and trust relationships with partners and clients. With more frequent and significant supply chain cyberattacks, third-party cybersecurity is becoming a growing concern for business leaders and regulators, imposing strict rules for third-party security management. This Masterclass focuses on managing the risk, preparing, responding and recovering from supply chain cybersecurity attacks in compliance with the relevant EU rules.



You are a COO, compliance or contract manager, purchaser, supply chain specialist, (cyber)security professional, cybersecurity enthusiast, or a student interested in expanding your knowledge in security management.



You will learn the best practices and get Cyen’s 7-step programme on third-party cybersecurity risk management to implement in your organisation. You will understand the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, identify who is accountable and responsible for cybersecurity in the supply chain, and learn the essence of the relevant EU rules. Upon a successful test, you will acquire new skills in the digital domain and receive a certificate of completion.

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