Security Assessment and Testing

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Penetration testing

Penetration testing uses manual or automated intrusion methods to identify any vulnerabilities, security flaws, orthreats in networks, web applications, mobile applications, or SCADA systems. Penetration test reveals thevulnerabilities from the point of view of a hacker, using the same methods that a malicious actor would use.

Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessment provides scanning, identification and classification of security vulnerabilities in acomputer, network, or communications infrastructure. In addition, vulnerability analysis can forecast theeffectiveness of the proposed countermeasures and evaluate their actual effectiveness after they are put into use.

Social Engineering

Social engineering testing relies on the exploitation of factors in human nature, typically by attempting scams on acompany’s employees. In addition, when security policies and practices are implemented by management, socialengineering tests the adherence of the employees to those policies.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is a comprehensive approach to the identification, classification, prioritization, andresolution of potential points of exploitation in a network or system. It involves an ongoing cycle of assessments,improvements, and reassessments to maintain a robust security posture.

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