Cybersecurity Awareness and Training: what & how to get it right?

Cyen’s Iva Tasheva interviewed Ms. Rosanna Kurer, Managing Director, CyberWayFinder and Belgium’s Cybersecurity Personality of the Year 2021. We discussed why and how to create a cybersecurity awareness and training programme. Rosanna shares tips and tricks, where to start when creating cyber security awareness and training programs, the upskilling and reskilling options and where to find free materials and resources.
Cybersecurity awareness and training tips and tricks, by Ms Rosanna Kurrer at Cyen-cybersecurity YouTube channel

Cyen’s Iva Tasheva was featured in Fortune Greece

We are honoured that Fortune Greece, reporter Maria Akrivou interviewed our own Iva Tasheva. Iva shared insights and facts on cybersecurity, how businesses can protect themselves, and the state of play in Greece and Europe.

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Cybersecurity rules for Artificial Intelligence, the new AI Act

Cyen’s Iva Tasheva interviewed Mr. Kai Zenner, Head of Office of the Member of the European Parliament Axel Voss. Kai shed light on the upcoming AI Act, what it is, and the key challenges in defining and implementing it. What does the AI Act mean for cybersecurity, how it fit in the complex EU legislative framework, and what companies could do about it? Hear out from the expert.

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New AI Act Cybersecurity implications by Kai Zenner, European Parliament update at Cyen-Cybersecurity YouTube Channel

The utopia of cybersecurity certification/certification-by-design

Cyen’s Iva Tasheva interviewed Mr. Jesus Luna, Bosch & Medina Project. Jesus shed light on the state of EU cybersecurity certification, the objective of cybersecurity certification by design, and how to achieve it. He will share experience from the ongoing EUCS (European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme) design and how AI, cloud, and cybersecurity interact and complement each other. What role for stakeholders would be discussed.
Cybersecurity certification by design, by Jesus Luna at Cyen-Cybersecurity YouTube Channel

Interview on the EU Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC)

Cyen’s Iva Tasheva interviewed Mr. Dan Cimpean, Board Member of the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) and Director of the Romanian National Cybersecurity Directorate. Mr Cimpean shared his vision on how to improve EU cybersecurity, specifically on the role of the upcoming ECCC (European Cybersecurity Competence Centre), and tips and trick on how to get involved in the process. Hear his recommendation on what should be the key EU policy priority.
European Cybersecurity Competence Centre, Gearing up to address EU Cybersecurity Threats, with Dan Cimpean at Cyen-Cybersecurity YouTube Channel

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New webinar available: Unlocking Business Value Through Cybersecurity Best Practices

On 29.03.2022, Cyen in cooperation with Vaultinum organised a Webinar on Unlocking Business Value Through Cybersecurity Best Practices. Co-Founder and Cybersecurity Lead Iva Tasheva shared examples, tips and best practices to show what value can be gained from cybersecurity readiness, including securing the deal in Mergers & Acquisitions, obtaining partnerships and locking in the value chain, increasing market access through compliance.

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Cyen participates in Forum Europe/ECSO 9th Annual Cybersecurity Conference

On 24.03.2022, Co-founder and Cybersecurity Lead Iva Tasheva moderated a topical panel discussion on the EU Cybersecurity framework at Forum Europe / European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) 9th European Cybersecurity Conference. Panellists included: MEP Eva Maydell (Paunova), Nina Hyvarinen, Thomas Boué & Vodafone‘s Javier Villegas-Burgos.

The panellists shared their critical assessment and expectations for the upcoming EU #CyberResilienceAct. Replay available on YouTube:

Interview on the cybersecurity aspects of the war in Ukraine

On 09.03.2022, Iva Tasheva interviewed Ukrainian Cybersecurity expert Igor Kotsiuba, PhD, CEO and Founder, iSolutions Labs, R&D Cybersecurity Agency in the UK and Ukraine on the cybersecurity aspects of the war in Ukraine.

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Interview on the EU cybersecurity Directive (NIS and NIS2 proposal)

On 11 June, Cyen launched a series of interview sessions with the first honorary guest: Chris Gow, Cisco. Chris shared his expert analysis and advice on the EU cybersecurity Directive (NIS and NIS2 proposal). Check it out on YouTube: